Football Bar Mitzvah Calls for A Touchdown Celebration

December 11th, 2014

From kickoff to touchdown, Jason’s football themed Bar Mitzvah at Florentine Gardens scored big cool points for perfect execution. This red and blue themed event, in New York Giants colors, brought a fresh take on a classic idea with original decor and lighting design.

Football Themed Bar Mitzvah New Jersey | X-Quisite Flowers and Events

Teen Lounge Area Football Themed Bar Mitzvah | X-Quisite Flowers & Events


Custom football Bar Mitzvah iSign kiosk | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Guests signed in on an iSign custom football kiosk with a stylus providing handwritten notes that last a lifetime.

Football Bar Mitzvah Foam Fingers Grass Escort Card Table | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The escort card table featured lush grass to hold the miniature foam finger table numbers under a giant goal post featuring the Mitzvah logo – a take on the Under Armour logo using Jason’s initials.

Football themed locker room style cubbies | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Individual cubbies in locker room style were the perfect spot for guests to store their belongings throughout the night.

First Down

Goal Post centerpieces and draft pick board | Football Themed Bar Mitzvah | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The NFL draft decor above was actually a breakaway banner which Jason burst through to make a grand entrance to his party.

Football themed Bar Mitzvah Decor and Design with Chandelier | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The dining area featured alternating centerpieces – either goal posts or illuminated lamps – both of which featured Jason’s logo. The green table linens were textured wool to look like grass and made every guest feel like they had just stepped onto the field. Custom rally towels draped over chairs brought the feel of a team in uniform once everyone was seated.

Double Coverage

Dance floor, dining room, bleachers and teen VIP lounge area at a Football Themed Bar Mitzvah | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The large dance floor split up the different areas of the venue with the table seating area on one side and the teen VIP lounge area on the other.

Football Bar Mitzvah Bleachers and Dance Floor | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The bottom of the dance floor featured a custom printed mural of Jason at MetLife stadium hanging over a set of bleachers for short dance breaks.

Football Bar Mitzvah Dancer dressed as referees with a scoreboard | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The feel of a football stadium was completed with a scoreboard hanging at the top of the dance floor with dancers dressed as referees.

End Zone

Football Bar Mitzvah Light Up Custom Signs | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Football Bar Mitzvah Custom Signs, Rental Furniture in Blue and Red | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Football Themed Bar Mitzvah Teen VIP Lounge Area with LED tables in Red and Blue | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

The real MVP of the event was the teen lounge area featuring blue and red LED tables, highboys, sofas, bar tables and lit up photos of the Bar Mitzvah boy featured throughout. Details included cushions with logos and illuminated stadium signs with items that could be found on a real concession stand menu.


Football Bar Mitzvah custom logo Souvernir Stand for Party Favors | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Guests were able to stop by the souvenir stand on the way out and pick up water bottles, bags, socks and other fun party favors to remember this awesome party.

Red and Blue themed Football Bar Mitzvah custom printed light up signs and lighting | X-Quisite Flowers & Events

Thanks to Melisa Imberman from The Event of a Lifetime for trusting the X-Quisite Flowers & Events team to make this event a game-winning pass! Kudos also go to photographer Arnold Brower for capturing the night in such detail!