Tropical Floral Arrangements for a Dream Gala Fundraiser

May 23rd, 2016

We styled exotic, redolent, colorful centerpieces and floral decor for the 14th annual Dream Gala fundraiser hosted by JDRF Northern NJ & Rockland County Chapter at Teaneck Marriott At Glenpointe this month.

Tropical Flower Tall Centerpieces Gala Fundraiser


Tall Tropical Flower Centerpieces

The tall centerpieces featured tropical blooms – including birds of paradise, protea blooms, anthurium and bamboo stalks – that burst into life above glass trays filled with pebbles and another dainty floral arrangement.

XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-851 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-981 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-978 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-900 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-890  


The Low Centerpieces

The low centerpieces were alive with bright colors from yellow calla lilies, orange roses, red anthurium, and more!

XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-988 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-974 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-976   XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-884


Cocktail Hour Floral Decor

Our flower designs for the event included smaller arrangements and centerpieces featuring heliconia, alpinia, orchids and so much more against classic white linens with small votive candles.

XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-969 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-956 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-962 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-924 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-964 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-955 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-967  

Floral Design Additional Details

We also adorned the stage, placed arrangements around the venue and created cheery flower arrays to greet guests as they arrived.

XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-907 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-908   XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-929 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-938 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-869 XQuisite_JDRF_EIPhoto-864  

Our thanks to Edward Inzauto Photography for capturing such lush images of our creations.